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About Mple

There’s a reason our coastal restaurant & beach bar is called “Mple.” You will always find yourself surrounded by one of the most enchanting blue and clearest beaches when at our unique summer spot meant for relaxation. The blonde, pleasantly scorching beach sand of Mple Mediterranean Cuisine & Beach Bar, the vast blue spread before you, the innovative but customary Greek flavors in an incredible combination with our unsurpassed seafood menu is the way to feel the coveted and rightly demanded summer rejuvenation. Let all the Mediterranean flavors find you in the immersive, prioritizing your comfort, sunbeds. Begin your journey from sunrise to utopic places with the accompaniment of refined cocktails and ever developing varieties of beverages until sunset, savoring fresh fish and seafood accompanied by your chosen bottle of wine at a spot that gazes over the crystal ocean. So, we invite you to relax, live in the moment , feel the sun on your skin, smell the sea beside you, taste the immaculate flavors that we have to offer, listen to the summer and see yourselves along with your loved ones enjoying and absorbing all the unforgettable summer experiences.

Beach Bar

The sun, the sea, the variable coffees and the refreshing cocktails are a few of the numerous things you have the possibility of enjoying without any care at Mple Beach Bar. Subdued by a completely picturesque view and an environment that makes everyone feel like they belong, incorporate this relaxing feeling into your summer and enhance it with visits to our place. Grab the opportunity for exotic beverages and music choices for all preferences that have the potential to be made into the best of experiences since our whole life is based now on them.


Have you ever wanted to feel the freshness of the food you are eating so vividly as if it was caught and cooked right in front of you? If you have ever visited us, you have already experienced this magnificent phenomenon. Under the radiant sunrays, let our traditional but revolutionary dishes keep you in the mediterranean in the best way possible. Under the moonlight, let the savor and aroma of the freshly prepared quality seafood steal your emotions through modern compositions. Dine with us and really understand the difference of the top-knot quality.

Event - Venue

Mple is now one of the most beloved and unique spots at Fourka beach in Chalkidiki , that can be used to enhance the happiness of families during special events. Wedding and baptisms are of the utmost importance in our lives and especially within our culture and religion so it is natural that they deserve the best reception in the best place , with the best food , creating the best and most treasured memories . Our seaside restaurant – Beach Bar is now available for any celebration you may wish to arrange and comes with the benefit of taking advantage of the unique scenery of the beach and the exquisite food and drink combinations we offer.